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Gemma Flannery

Teaching and Events work

Immerse Drama, my own Drama group based in Melbourne. I am currently running after school workshops at YDANCE.

Teaching History

I am drama specialist with experience of working with all ages from Nursery up to 18 and older. I have worked in schools, nurseries, communities, and prisons, and worked as a private nanny.

I am a confident teacher and also still pursuing a career as an actress and use this in my work to demonstrate how to work in a professional environment and prepare students for working in this way in terms of attitudes and approaches to things like attendance and punctuality.

I am very flexible in my work and can design workshops for specific topics or issues. As I plan for a session, you can never be sure how the participants will react and work together and respond to material therefore I am always prepared to change the work I have and adapt for the level of the students I may be working with.

Although my specialty is drama, I have studied Physical theatre in depth and still have a keen interest in this as well as basic dance and music and comedy workshops.

I am very keen at working with more challenging groups be this from children to adults as I really believe that activities through the arts can be life changing and open eyes and minds in unexpected ways. And the results are very rewarding.



I have worked abroad in Italy teaching workshops and delivering performances in English to a variety of ages and levels of students. This provided me with great communication skills in working with people for who English is not a first language and looking at how to work without language as a barrier and also to improve and learn a language thorough communicating though the arts.


Immerse Drama Group:

I have worked on a regular basis with Trafford council for the last 2 years, running the weekend drama group on Saturday’s, we regularly put on performances and my work covers: Improvisation and devising, developing character and script work, different genres of theatre and styles of performance, physical theatre, comedy (sketch and stand up skills) working with stories and narration, acting on stage and on camera, performance strategies and techniques.

This age group is 11 – 16 and as this is quite a large range to work with it is important to make sure the level is appropriate and the whole group has material and work they can engage with, we are looking to split these classes in the future however the main ages of the attendees at the moment is 13 upwards.


Odd Theatre Company:

I have also worked with Odd theatre working in prisons on issues such as conflict and victim awareness. The participants attended over week leading to a short performance by the in mates at the end of the week which was  a scenario we had developed together to look at the effects crime can have and how it can ricochet further into people’s lives.


Talk to Frank:

I have also worked with FRANK, in this job we visited schools, and PR units across the UK.This work was to provide information and promote further the services that were available and information that you could receive. We offered confidential advice and talked openly about alcohol and drugs legal and non legal and about the effects in both a positive and negative way to help them gain an understanding and come to their own conclusions and form their own opinions, as well as giving clear facts and statistics.

My work on this has led me to understanding more how to work with young, vulnerable people and understand where they are coming from.


Artis Education:

I went through and audition process to work with this company and received extensive training, we were then observed and assessed regularly to maintain the standard of work.

I have worked in schools in a variety of ways with various companies. I worked with 23 regular schools for a year with ARTIS education, delivering curriculum based workshops fore the PPA cover, and this included documenting planning and evaluations for each class in each school.


Bigfoot Education

Konflux Education

I have also run afterschool clubs with Bigfoot educations as well as many one off workshops with Konflux theatre. These would often be a Play in Day focusing again on curriculum topics or health and safety and the environment, or PSHE subjects.


Waterfall Theatre

I have worked with a T.I.E company performing issue based theatre on bullying, sexual educational and drugs issues, this involves workshops and hot seating which is a great way of involving the students. This is usually in secondary schools to large audiences of a whole year groups and facilitating workshops or hot seating after the performance.