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Gemma Flannery

Promotions and Events

Promotional and Events work.

I have worked in promotions and events for over 10 years now as an Event Manager and Brand Ambassador and I have 5 years as a full time Events coordinator with Manchester Business School and Faraway Bay.

I also work freelance as host and Event facilitator in Melbourne.One of the companies I work for is Race Party which is an innovative fun experience for both children and corporate events involving a huge track and remote control car racing!!

Below are examples of some of the agencies I have worked for, I have only included one sample of each type of work I have undertaken, as there are too many to list all of them!

In Australia I have worked for a few agencies Because Staffing, Polite Promotions, Brave Management and Gaston Management.

I pride myself on my work as an Event Manager and although I am happy to work in BA roles, this is where I get my rewards when I know I have managed a project successfully.

In the UK..


BA Powerade – Manchester 10K Run. This is a large event run across the whole city centre, distributing the drink and motivating passing runners.

EM Becks  - This was a campaign run across the North West. The aim was to distribute a free bottle of Becks to those that were happy to be photographed and then entered into a competition for a special BECKS sponsored musical event. I organised 3 teams spread across Manchester, gave them targets to achieve and kept check on stock levels and maintained a good relationship with all the bars.

PRESENTER – EDF Green Day. Arndale shopping centre.  This was large stand with different events taking place throughout the day, I was live on a microphone visiting the different areas of the stand and interviewing the staff and public to draw further attention to the event, as well as informing people of the events listed throughout the day.

Hels Angels

BA Carling – V Festival. I worked on the Carling amnesty stand exchanging drinks for tokens or cold carling. The stand was open till early morning as we also hosted a silent disco.

COSTUME – Cadbury’s fun on the farm. This was a children’s event in which we dressed as different farm animals as part of a larger farm event where lots of games and activities were taking place.

BA – Assistant host. Disney Challenge. I assisted hosting an obstacle Disney course in which children raced around and were encourage by staff to gain a good time in order to win prizes.

EM – Martini. I ran this event across 4motnhs all across the North West. Aimed at Women, we distributed a mixer Martini drink in Bars, as well as taking photographs to enter them into a competition, encouraging Facebook likes, and to buy another drink to receive a free lip gloss. I worked with each team on site. I bought, controlled and managed all stock, contacted all the bar, making sure all the correct arrangements and stock had been delivered and ready for the event and organising schedules of when to visit bars dependant on their busy time sand clientele.

EM – Glenfiddich – North West Tour. Blind tasting session. This required a lot of in-depth knowledge of the product, working closely with a small team in bars, engaging one and one with customers for 10 minute periods.

HOSTESS – Women’s Golf Open. Lytham St Annes. I hosted in the VIP area for this event, ensuring the clients were all informed of where and when the dinner and drinks would be served and assisting them in transportation arrangements across the site.


Fragrance promotions. Working in store on a variety of different brands, sampling and encouraging sales.


BA (Facilitator) TOUR. Frank. This is detailed more in teaching CV.

BA – Sandisk. Promoting an MP3 player ona stand with technical Sadick experts on site. The BA’s job was to encourage people onto the stand. Manchester City Centre.

BA – Casio. I worked instore at Curry’s for a 4 week period demonstrating a camera, I was given full training on the product and hit targets for the sales I was to achieve.

Staff Warehouse

Facepainter. Working at a children’s event for Huggies in the Trafford Centre, I did basic characters and animals, as well as floral designs for the girls.

Tribe Marketing

Blyk EM – National campaign. Data collection for a new Sim card. Aims at teenagers and young adults.

Link Communications

BA – various gigs at Old Trafford Cricket Club. Working on the bar for the event.

Other jobs I have done include a lot of food sampling, instore demonstrations for beauty and electrical products. Leafleting, Hosting children’s events, Sporting events and product sampling.

Other agencies I have worked for include: N20, Circle agency, Goal Agency, ID staffing, Mash Marketing, i2i Faces, Closer, Sense.