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Gemma Flannery

Performance History

Performance Quotes

Gemma Flannery’s wild performance in Diane Worswick’s Tits Mainly was the comedic highlight of a dramatic night.


Flannery’s experience in role play for victims of sexual abuse is definitely key to this very believable and engaging performance.


The 9/11 sketch with Dyer, Spowage and Flannery is a great example of a risky topic dealt with surprisingly funnily.


A sharp, funny and youthful portrayal as the cocky teenager sent by God, a role which is delivered beautifully and effortlessly by Gemma Flannery


Gemma Flannery’s Dawn relish the sardonic one-liners


Performance History


Choice Ellen The Owl and Cat Theatre, Melbourne, Carolyn Dawes and Fiona Scarlett 2016

Tit's Mainly Maggie The Butterfly Club, Melbourne Renee Palmer and Ariel Simone 2016

Digging Deep Ann Fringe World, Perth. Busselton Fringe. AUS Gemma Flannery  2014

Demi and Demitry Katy The Black Lion, Manchester Mairi Macfarlane  2012

Slaughterhouse Sketch ShowVarious, Blackhand Productions, Joshua Brooks, Manchester. Peter Carruthers 2012

Research and DevelopmentPerformer Coal Theatre, In Association with the Royal Exchange. Annie Fitzmaurice 2012

Domestic Bliss Dawn Bitesize theatre, Nexus, Manchester Matthew Gould 2011

Baby Jesus Freak Ruth, Studio Salford, Manchester, The Space, London. Matthew Gould, 2011

Boys Don’t Cry Charlie Camden Fringe, A Rebours Theatre Gavin Crippen, 2010

Safe Hands Lilly (LEAD) Bitesize theatre, Taurus, Manchester New Attitude Theatre 2010

Trojan Women Cassandra Shakespeare Theatre,Orlando Florida Eyewitness Theatre. Peter McGarry. 2010

Half a Person Katie (LEAD) Nexus Art Café, Manchester Gavin Crippin, 2010

National Express Gemma Contact Theatre, Manchester Stephanie Ridings 2009

People of the City Performer Manchester International Festival Jonathon McGrath 2007

Each to their Own Amy (LEAD) 24/7 Theatre Festival Chris Blacoe 2007



Epiact  Tracey, Theatre in Prisons, Rachel Tipp

Today and Tomorrow Emma Venus TV/Online Soap David Jones,

Bases Loaded Nisha INTO Productions – Pilot Sitcom Llywd Orton

Reflections Zoe (lead) Workshop Productions – Feature Film Ashok Baker

Hit The North Zara Glass Eye Productions – Film Short Danny Lomax

Subjected Nurse IronBeard Productions – Film Short David Schofield

Band of Heroes Anna Pink Grenade Productions – Film Short Rob Kind/David Issac



Laughing Calves Stand Up Frog & Bucket Comedy Club

WART Show Sketch Show Lass O Gowrie, Manchester

Mish Mash Stand Up Circle Club, Manchester

King Gong Stand Up Comedy Store Manchester


HEAL - Melbourne, (GP's and Medical)

Roleplayers on Demand - Perth (Prison officers, Police and Medical students)

Greater Manchester Police - Manchester (Intensive witness interviews, Police and Social workers)

Jude Theatre Company - Forum Theatre (Housing associations, domestic violence)

University of Manchester - OSCE's (Medical roleplay)

Thirteen Theatre  - Manchester (Corporate, managing emotions in the workplace)

Written, directed and performed by Gemma Flannery  as part of Fringe world and Busselton Festival 

‘No one will believe me, he’s such a nice guy.’

Two estranged sisters lead their lives in solitude.

 A childhood of sweets, Barbie dolls and perversion, the only thing they now share. 

Ann, unemployed and in a rut, seeks support from her sister to help mend her broken life. 

 Lucy, a prosperous nurse is seemingly unscathed by the events of her youth.  

But as the two rekindle their relationship, the scars that lie beneath her strong exterior begin to appear.  

Together, they try to understand and to heal.


Digging Deep is an original piece from Manchester playwright, Gemma Flannery, premiering in Australia as a part of Fringe World.  This critically acclaimed play explores the eternal bond of family and the role of support networks in the healing process.

Below is a promotional video shot by Barking Wolf, these were shown on the large screens throughout Perth City Centre.

You can also see another with both actors  at:

   You can read our full review from Fringe World 2014 here.

"Flannery’s 6 years of experience with the Manchester police in role play for victims of sexual abuse is definitely key to this very believable and engaging performance. The play is not at all for the faint hearted but highlights an incredibly important and too often taboo issue."

JC Victorson. Isolated Nation.

Manchester Performance 

 First performed at the Holdsworth, November 2012. Manchester.

Charlie Mortimer of Theatre by Numbers then continued to direct and produce the play in 2 other locations, Preston and Manchester.

The play was originally performed in Manchester by Amy Dee and Laura Hills-Leigh. 

Reviews can be read in full:

Remotegoat from Preston performances at Karova 


Whats on stage from Performances at Studio Salford


Here is a clip of their work:

We also shot a trailer for the show.

Other performance work 

Slaughterhouse comedy Sketch show was written by Adam Davies and James Jowett.

Directed by Peter Carruthers. Performed at Joshua Brooks and The Black Lion 2012.

ROLE: Vanessa (Reporter) TROY. Emma WINGMAN. Sarah 9/11

Davies and Jowett state that it important for their writing and development that they find actors who are creative, ready to improvise and offer contribution and  take direction well.

In response to this and a very enjoyable, playful audition, I was cast as part of the group!

Performances first took place at Joshua Brooks and The Black Lion in Manchester in May, with the production directed by Peter Carruthers.

We were then invited to Kendal Calling festival to perform, which competing with Dizzie Rascal on the main stage was a challenge but a great experience!

Future plans for Slaughterhouse at UK venues are still on the cards, this is all to be confirmed by Blackhand Productions.

We had amazing feedback, my favorite audience quote apart from “You were all really funny” was:

“I nearly peed myself as much as I do at Lee Evans!” 

Read the full REVIEW

This show was a great success and I was honoured to be part of it. I look forward to any more opportunities with this company.


Comedy Jumble Sale was a combination of talent across the North West. 2011

I performed in this as part of the Slaughterhouse sketch show, but other artists who were fabulous and I would like to promote are: Saints of Humour, C Rap and Pico the Sponge. All can be found on Facebook for further details.

This was again, 2 packed shows and was great fun to be a part of!

Perfromed in August 2012, The Black Lion.

Baby Jesus Freak – Written by Ian Winterton and directed by Matthew Gould. 2010 -2011.

ROLE: Ruth 14 years old - an unborn niece....

I had auditioned for Ian Winterton previously and really liked his writing, this part was so much fun and I loved the play. Ian has gone on to further success with many other plays performed in the UK and the USA.

Play Synopsis:

Look Ruth. I’ve not had any booze in a fortnight so why are you still here? Am I actually dying? Is my liver f****d? Or have I gone insane?" "Do you think you’ve gone insane?" "Frankly, yes." "Well you haven’t. You’re just having visions from God." "Ah, I see. That’s all right, then. Because I was getting worried."

Drunk at his mother’s funeral, Born Again Christian Daniel accidentally sleeps with non-believer Lauren. Putting his mistake behind him, he promptly falls in love with Bethany. But, proving that God definitely has a sense of humour, Lauren phones with some news: she’s pregnant. 

This was first performed at the Lass O Gowrie in July 2010, we then performed at the Preston Tringe Festival.  In 2011 we moved the play to The Space in London, the last performance then took place in June at Studio Salford in Manchester in 2011.

Review quotes for my character Ruth:

“A sharp, funny and youthful portrayal by Gemma F Flannery as Ruth, the cocky teenager sent by God.”

“Niece Ruth, a role which is delivered beautifully and effortlessly by Gemma F Flannery.”

“Writer Ian Winterton cleverly – fiendishly – muddies the waters by confronting us with Ruth. Not only is she great fun to watch – sassy, cheeky and blessed with many of the best lines”

“With Gemma Flannery’s charming Ruth barrelling around the stage… But Ruth, as she was written, staged and played, really stole the show”

The Lass O Gowrie Review            The Space, London Review

Studio Salford Reviews

Public reviews and Whats on Stage 


Safe hands is a production written by Jayne Marshall and produced by New attitude Theatre Company. 2010

ROLE: Lily - Early twentie, suffering with Bi Polar.

Newly weds Lily and Pete couldn't be happier, but before long the cracks quickly show and Lily's condition strains the relationship to the full extent.

After Domestic Bliss, I was recommended by Roy Knowles who knew Jayne from a writers group to join the cast.

The play was performed at Taurus Bar, Manchester and again at Smiths restaurant, Eccles.

I enjoyed working with the production company and they have gone on to produce many more plays in Manchester

Domestic Bliss was written by Roy Knowles.

ROLE: Dawn - A stroppy, short skirted 17 year old.

Sixteen year old Shelly has recently dropped a sprog and is on the hunt for a father. Eeeny, meeny, miny, moe . . . The comedy here is abundant if a little monochrome. The gags drip with faeces, genitals, obesity and sex. It's the comedic equivalent of a fry-up.

This was originally performed as a 10 minute and I performed in the original, selected by audition. When Roy wanted to put a full length version of the piece on, I agreed that I would perform and also help find a director. I suggested Matthew Gould (Baby Jesus Freak) and he came on board to get the piece on the go.

Read the REVIEW 

It was performed at Nexus Art Café, Manchester and Smiths Restaurant, Eccles in 2011.

HALF A PERSON by Gavin Crippin. 2010

ROLE: 19 Year old, Katie - American.

If other people are the problem why in the end are they often the only thing we need?
Half a Person is what can happen when the worst thing does happen. And what really goes on in one boy's mind when the world outside just gets too much?

Katie befriends Jimmy, a troubled new neighbour, and gets drawn into his world.

I auditioned for Gavin’s first piece “Boys don’t cry” and was down to the last 2, so I went back for the auditions for this piece, and got the part.

The character was quite different to me, and I really enjoyed playing this role.

Performed in 2010 at Nexus Art Café.


Boys don't Cry by Gavin Crippen. 2010.

ROLE: Charlie, 16 year old, cheeky younger sister, heading slightly off the rails in the midst of family disputes.

The production was performed at the Camden head as part of the Camden Fringe Festival in August 2010.

Gavin and the company have gone on with further productions shown in both Manchester and London.

Trojan Women adapted and directed by Peter McGarry. 2010

ROLE: Cassandra, 16 years old.

The adaptation of Euripides’ original set in 1200 BC, after the abduction of Helen and the ensuing conquest of Troy by a united Grecian army, under King Agamemnon. As in most Greek Tragedy the bulk of the of the action is offstage, or has passed; any relevant development in circumstances being heralded by a Messenger (in this case Cassandra’s visions) - leaving the characters to lament their fate and the folly of the world.

I auditioned in the January for Eyewitness Theatre Company and worked with them on their other corporate projects before being offered this!

We performed at the Orlando Fringe Festival, in a great venue. This was my first Greek Tragedy and I loved it, challenging at times in the process, but a very rewarding experience!

Read the REVIEW

The National Express. Written and Directed by Stephanie Ridings.  Contact Theatre. 2009.

ROLE: Gemma

This was a devised piece, we all took journey's on a National Express and documented our experiences, and used this material to create the piece, with extracts of personal experiences.

Three women answered an advert posted on the internet. ‘Wanted journey men or women to take a trip on the National Express. Calm, centred, together people need not apply.’

So they set out on a journey aboard a National Express coach heading home to Manchester observing, eating and drinking the miles and the time away. Their aim is to test pop group The Divine Comedy’s theory, ‘Take the National Express when your life’s in a mess, it will make you smile’. With the prospect of a chemical toilet on board can a journey on a National Express really make them smile?

Each to Their Own by Julia Hogan - 24/7 Theatre Festival 2007.

Each to Their Own is written for a young multi cultural audience and is a contemporary cross cultural love story set in a small, deprived mill town in Lancashire. Amy becomes friends with an Asian schoolboy Amar when they work together on a school history project. She falls in love with Amar's cousin, Uzhair who is a small time drug dealer and who is only interested in Amy for short term sexual gratification for himself and his friends.

The themes of racism, prejudice and how the two cultures coexist run throughout the play and are explored through the implicit comparison between the two families.

I loved being part of this production and there are some pictures on the site that were taken in performance.

I played 15 year old AMY and we got a great review in the MEN, unfortunately not online anymore, so you will have to trust me on that one! 

Come Forth People of the City Under the Cover of Night. Jonahon McGrath and Ben Faulks.2007.

Manchester International Festival.

My degree in Contemporary Theatre, allowed me to explore devising and performance strategies, creating site specific, audience participation and all sorts of creative pieces that push the boundaries. This piece did just that!

This was site-specific promenade performance, this theatrical behemoth was to test taking over the local town hall for a late night event! Working with a cast of 35 the show consisted of processional performances throughout the corridors of Manchester Town Hall, a sit down supper, ballroom dancing & new legislation for the people of Manchester.

I met some great people working on this, one to mention is Mark Ashmore, who is the founder of Future Artists, a fantastic Manchester based company.

Manchester International Festival

After trying my hand a few gigs, I still needed a confidence boost, I then undertook another course in Manchester which the result here was performing at the Frog and Bucket in Manchester, under the Laughing Calves night, an all female evening for new comedians. This went really well, a few gigs were performed after this, however it has not been a focus recently but something I do want to get back too… so watch this space! 

When I moved to Manchester in 2006, I was keen to get involved in as much as I could. I attended Comedysportz workshops, and later then did a course in Stand up Comedy with them.

This resulted at the end of the course, having written and performed 5 minutes of material, to perform at the Comedy Store for  the King Gong Evening. This was hosted by Mick Ferry at the time, who enjoyed a play on words with my surname as I was introduced.. The nerves kicked in and I rushed through my set, I lasted about 2 and a half minutes before being gonged off!

It was a great experience and I went on to perform further Stand up at other Manchester venues, which went a bit better!


This was a university, devised production in our 2nd year.

This was devised with Anna Fenemore of Pigeon Theatre Company.

We fundraised and came up with enough money to spend 2 weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.