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Gemma Flannery

Actor - Writer - Teacher - Events

Simply Shelly.. Comes from a Monologue I wrote a while back and after some good laughs in Auditions and Online - I have developed a life for her.

This will run as a Webseries in 2018 with short 6 - 8 Minute Episodes.

Shelly says what she thinks, a warm heart but ditsy head, a bit unlucky in love and not quite self aware, we see her go on several  journeys in her Social life (what she has), Love life (what she can get) and career (what she can hang on to)

Shelly is a fighter and we hope in the end her dreams can come true.... and she has LOTS of them!

Everything happens for a reason right? 

See the Video below and Follow Shelly on YouTube and on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM 

                                                                                           Headshot's Taken by Ben Hallam
I live in Melbourne and looking to get involved with any projects here as a writer, performer and teacher!

I am an English Actor and writer, I have been in Australia for 3 years and I am now a Permanent Resident living in Melbourne.


I have lived in Western Australia and worked at Faraway Bay as the Events Coordinator and Manager. Here I have advanced my cooking skills, and have qualified as a Skipper and tour guide. Please see my Faraway Bay page for further details on this.


I am originally from Blackburn, Lancashire in England.

I studied Contemporary Theatre and Performance at Manchester Metropolitan University.

During this time, I studied many different practitioners of theatre as well as reading a variety of approaches and plays. On the course we wrote and devised our own work. We worked as an ensemble, developing our performance, and theatre making skills.

 In our second year we devised and self funded taking a production to the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival with our show The Tango (How to do). 

In third year I focused on Physical Theatre, looking at the work of Grotowski and Gardzienice.

After university, I joined an Italian Theatre company ACLE THEATRINO and toured with them as an actress and then also contributing as a writer and director to the company.

On completion of this I moved to Manchester.  In Manchester I joined various organizations and classes to improve and network with other creative’s

I have performed in many productions which can be found listed on my CV and further details on each production can be found on here as well as reviews. I have performed across the North West, London and even the USA.

I have always been a keen writer and I love working on scripts and devising and creating my own work.


My most recent project was with my writing group, Stages WA as part of the Fremantle Arts Festival. This was developing my latest writing "Why didn't you call me Nicola?" I am hoping to premier this soon as well as continuing my work on my first play Digging Deep.

Digging Deep premiered in Manchester in 2013 and in Australia at Fringe World in 2014. 

Based on experiences from working in Role play as victims for the police, this is an insight to what happens behind closed doors.

A hard hitting and intimate play following the reconnection of Lucy, a seemingly successful nurse, and Ann, an unsuccessful emotional wreck.

The characters face self-doubt, guilt, anger, blame, isolation, powerlessness and the enormous courage needed to confront the past in an incredibly honest and sensitive way. See further information at


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